for VML Poland (April 2013)
Art direction •  Idea  •  Graphic Design
In 2014 Orange Poland was celebrating the 5 years anniversary of Orange Cinema Wednesday. Each Wednesday Orange member could go to the cinema for half of the price. And within 5 years he had a chance to do so 260 times. That’s a lot.
We wanted to show “that’s a lot”. That’s why we came up with an idea of a competition, in which users were asked to guess the name of the 260 blockbusters they could have seen during that time. We’ve asked them to guess the title with dedicated hashtag #WŚrodyZOrange (onOrangeCinemaWednesday) and the results were published on LP. Every time a title was guessed correctly we’ve revealed a specific icon with a given movie.
Creative: Jacek Stefanowicz
Creative Art Director: Bartosz Kwiecień
Account Executive: Łukasz Kazimierczak