for K2 Internet (June 2016)
Art direction  •  Graphic Design

How to encourage young people to help?​​​​​​​

ITAKA is the only foundation involved in looking for missing children and teenagers. Every year, 8,000 young people disappear according to the police. Still the best way to find them is by showing their pictures, wherever it’s possible.Because the foundation has no financial means that would be sufficient to distribute the photos of those missing more widely, we decided to engage teenagers in the task via Snapchat – as the best medium, targeted directly to them.
Swap your face with a missing child’s face and send snaps to you friends. At the end of April Snapchat enabled the face swap option. This inspired our team. We created the SNAP&SEEK tool based on the mobile web page (Snapchat works only on mobile devices) from which photos of missing teenagers could be downloaded to any phone. Then, using swap-face function in app, user could swap their face with that of the missing person and send snaps to their friends. Snapchat users were very eager to participate. Photos of missing people could be seen in many user 'stories' and well known tech and innovation opinion leaders prompted the idea. 
About one third of all Polish Snapchat users (300 000) engaged in the Snap&Seek campaign (by watching or sharing their own stories on Snapchat). We’ve also reached over 1 million users from other social media channels.

Creative Director: Jakub Sagan
Strategy: Joanna Szwilling
Art Director: Bartosz Kwiecień