Logo Collection
Logo for mobile application which helps you find the nearest toilet​​​​​​​.
Logo for user experience agency "Breadcrumbs".
Logo for mobile app MotoMobie, which helps to manage your car via phone.
Logo for project "Odra for tourists in 2014" - development of water tourism of Odra River.
Logo for "God save the music" alternative radio program about British music.
Logo for Coalition for Equal Opportunities.
Logo for e-learning online platform Multikurs, which teaches foreign languages.
Logo for Jewelry company. Rosette is made of a lower case "c" of the same font, of which "Cavani" name is made. ​​​​​​​
Logo for national program for the development of transplant medicine.
Logo for hair and beauty parlour named Nova Dea.
Set of logos which presents 4 different animals (pelican, humming bird, flamingo and jellyfish). All logos are created only from 5 shapes. Student work. 
Logo for creative agency Serif & Sans.
Logo for International Children's Song and Dance Festival in Konin.​​​​​​​
Logo design for High School no 2 in Brzesko. The school wanted to rebrand their logo and gave it a symbolic meaning, which would reflect new vision of school. On the one hand, the school is very technical, on the other it gives a lot of future possibilities.​​​​​​​