Tales of One Thousand and One Briefs
for K2 Internet (June 2016)
Art direction •  Idea  •  Graphic Design

How do you explain to your child
what you do?

On the occasion of the Children's Day we wanted to prepare a gift that would bring real value to our employees, and was not just another standard gift. Most people in K2 have positions that do not say much to people outside our industry. Especially to children. After all, we are a company dealing with new media, technologies and non-standard forms of communication. So how does SEM Specialist, or Senior Python Developer explain to his/her child what it really does in life?
This is how the "Thousand and One Brief Fairytales'' came into life. Referring to the oldest storytelling techniques, we have created a series of fairy tales that in an engaging and imaginative way presents to the children what their parents do at work. As a result, the youngest could learn eight amazing stories about what mom and dad are doing in the land of K2. From now on, each of the 223 children of K2 employees already knows who Trafik, Juiks or Art dajrektor is.
Copywriting: Małgorzata Flor, Magda Banasik
Art Direction: Bartosz Kwiecień
Senior Strategy Consultant: Joanna Szwilling
Production: Justyna Ziemkiewicz, Marek Cichy
Project manager: Katarzyna Piechota
Animation: Angelika Eckert