Breakfast’s ready!​​​​​​​
for VML Poland (2014)
Art direction •  Idea  •  Graphic Design
Berlinki is a Polish brand of sausages, which wanted to be seen as a young, fresh and urban brand. What’s more, the brand wanted to be the synonym for breakfast and be widely recognisable by young mothers. Our solution was to create social media platform communication showing creative breakfast recipes with Berlinki sausages. Photos presented premium versions of ordinary dishes but with a twist and all of the posts attracted a lot of attention.

Creative: Andrzej Milewski
Content Manager: Natalia Trębicka
Creative Art Director: Bartosz Kwiecień
Account Executive: Beata Bireta
Photographer: Tomasz Pasternak
Food Stylist:  Alicja Safarzyńska​​​​​​​