Two Popes
for Netflix (December 2019)

Storyline: “The hardest part is to believe in another man”
We’ve created a 360 campaign for Oscar nominated and Golden globe awarded movie “Two Popes” with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Price. The Two Popes shows two very different approaches to religion and papacy. 
We wanted to show that in the visual language of the murals interpretation of beliefs and vision of the two pope. Anthony Hopkins’s character (p B16) values more the tradition and the institution itself (rich vestments and of course the shoes!). On the contrary, Jonathan Pryce’s character (p F1) believes it’s more about connection with believers and nature. We wanted to illustrate those views and present them via different graphic styles. B16’ style refers to an old, traditional method of engraving, coloured with royal gold and enriched with renaissance ornament. F1 style is more vivid, Matisse style cut-outs and floral natural brush strokes. The designs were presented next to each other.
OOH and press campaign focused on various quotations from the movie. It positioned this movie more as a theological conversation. We choose that direction because of intensive tension in Poland regarding catholic and religious values.​​​​​​​

Freelance creative team: Natalia Trębicka & Bartosz Kwiecień
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