🌈 Love is not a Crime 
for Poster Heroes competition (October 2016)

Poland has a very homogeneous society and any kind of diversity is not easily accepted (even in the Legislation). Especially now, when the ruling party try to destroy democracy and democratic institutions, in order to propose laws that limit citizens’ human rights (for instance, a law that forces women to give birth to a child conceived from rape). Knowing what Polish politicians say out loud about homosexuals, I am afraid that the next law could affect sexual minorities (like in Russia). That’s why I want to take part in the Competition, make my voice visible and show to other people that biology can not be a crime, because love is never a crime.  I wanted to create a vivid and memorable poster, which stresses that love is not a crime and biological or cultural aspects can never be reasons to sentence someone (like nowadays in Russia). I choose LGBTQ flag, because it can be a symbol of any minority (not necessarily sexual). And by using the flag as prison bars I wanted to show that putting someone to prison just because he or she is different, is stupid and inhuman.

Exhibitions: Florence Generation Y Graphic Design Festival, Graphic Days Torino