200th anniversary of Warsaw University
Work for Contest (2014)
Connections between the points
reveal the essence of the functioning of the University - a network of connections and cooperation between the units. Some call goes beyond the numbers depicting the connection of external institutions. In addition, structurally they relate to the building of the Warsaw University Library (to the roof rack and pink) - that is one of the symbols of modern Warsaw University.

5 stars
Each star represents one of the first five faculties of the University of Warsaw.

20 points
Each point represents one of the twenty existing faculties of the University of Warsaw. Points are arranged so as to capture the schematic location on the map of Warsaw (looking from the South to the North ). The first two points (the upper part of the '2') are Department of Management and the Department of Linguistics.​​​​​​​
Logo and its characteristic font make it possible to present the number of the jubilee in various ways. This gives the opportunity to 'play' with the logo. The number can be written in maths formula and the logo is still recognisable.