Netflix & Woof 🐶
Social Media Campaign for Netflix (April 2018)
Art direction •  Idea  •  Copywriting

How to describe the series’ plot to your pet?

People watch Netflix with their cats & dogs. But do the pets know what the shows are really about? How to explain what prison is, how the politics work or what Pablo Escobar did? To do so, we’ve created a series of 5 short videos which presented the simplified storylines of most popular Netflix series: Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, The Crown, House of Cards and Narcos. To “make sure” that our pets will fully understand the storylines we have shown only behaviours, which were typical for cats and dogs. 
Videos made a huge success in social media and gained more than 1 million impressions  during the first few days. The story hit some major digital media outlets.

Art Direction: Bartosz Kwiecień
Copywriting: Bartosz Kwiecień, Monika Wasilewska
Project Manager: Olek Malinowski
Director of photography: Nastazja Gonera
Production: Sławek Richert, Michał Zamencki, Justyna Ziemkiewicz
Client: Jacek Ambrosiewicz