Teletext is the New Black
Marketing campaign for "Orange is the new Black" S4  for Netflix (August 2017)
Art direction •  Graphic Design  •  Copywriting

Teletext is a television information retrieval service. Not only was it a source of TV information but also, before the Internet, was a means of communication between people. But very few people know that teletext was and still is used as the main stream of communication in Polish prisons and allows prisoners to receive coded information from their families. ​​​​​​​We’ve used that fact to create a marketing campaign for Orange is the New Black and to give people a chance to send a real message to the Litchfield prison. 
All graphics, including landing page, social communication, character arts and teletext pages were designed as if they were presented within teletext. That’s why they could only contain 6 basic colors (blue, red, green, yellow, pink, cyan) with additional black or white and should be designed within a very restricted way of colouring the adjacent pixels, which was a really big graphic challenge.

Art Direction: Bartosz Kwiecień
Copywriting: Agata Żyźniewska, Monika Wasilewska
Animation: Angelika Eckert
Creative Director: Łukasz Szyszka, Kuba Sagan
Project Manager: Katarzyna Dyrcz
Client: Jacek Ambrosiewicz