Kajko & Kokosz
For Netflix (February 2021)

Kayko and Kokosh (Polish: Kajko i Kokosz) is a Polish-language animated series based on the comic series Kajko and Kokosz by Janusz Christa. It follows the adventures of slav warriors: Kayko and Kokosz, who defend their city Mirmilovo against cunning Robberknights. 
The aim was to differentiate the visuals from the comic book to underline that the Netflix series is only partially based on the original and brings a new interpretation. By using colourful creatives we not only addressed our message to both kids and adults, but also managed to stand out during the winter in Poland, when the series was launched. What’s more, it was important to show a lot of characters to give a hint that the series covers a wide range of the stories. 
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