La Casa de Papel
For Netflix (June 2019)
How to find very local insight for non local series?

Campaign focused on the local tagline “Pierwszy milion trzeba wydrukować (First million you need to print out)” which refers to very famous polish saying “Pierwszy milion trzeba ukraść (First million you need to steal)”. The campaign consisted of OOH, creative outdoor and social shareable content. 
About social content. There is one institution in Poland which is infamous for being very nosy. Especially, if you earn a lot of money. Eventually a Tax Office will come for you. We wondered what would happen if Profesor was in Poland. Well, he would eventually have to pick up the phone, and on the line would be… the Tax Office. Video was a great success with a lot of press coverage and got to 1,2 mln viewers.​​​​​​​
Freelance creative team: Natalia Trębicka & Bartosz Kwiecień
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