For Netflix (November 2019)
How to show that time changes nothing?

We’ve created the campaign for the new Scorsese’s movie. Watching this movie was like meeting good old friends and it showed that time changes nothing. This became the main idea of communication for “Irishman”.​​​​​​​
We’ve begun our communication with American Film Festival Booth in Wroclaw for which we’ve created a meeting space which looks exactly like one from the movie. The booth attracted a lot of attention both on the spot and on social media. 
For Netflix Social Media pages we’ve created a video content, in which we brought together 3 legends of polish cinematography: Bogusław Linda, Andrzej Seweryn and Andrzej Grabowski. They helped us to create an editorial piece, a 40-minute long conversation which engaged a lot of people. We’ve proved that the time is not important when you can watch engaging and valuable content.
The campaign was supported by press creations, OOH and digital creatives. 
Freelance creative team: Natalia Trębicka & Bartosz Kwiecień
Photography (legends): Michał Klusek
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