If you hear that... if you say that…
Campaign for K2 Internet and Lambda (May 2017)
Art direction •  Idea  •  Graphic Design

How to show what verbal homophobia
could really be?

Violence, including verbal aggression, against  LGBTQ people takes place in many homes. Many people do not realize that violence does not have to mean only beating. Victims are mostly young people, which often are still dependent on their families. The goal of the campaign was to increase the knowledge about domestic violence that LGBT people face, its types, consequences and the available possibilities of help and to encourage victims and witnesses to report cases of such violence.
In the center of each poster, we put words considered as non-violent (including psychological or economic violence) so that everyone (victims and aggressors) can easily "hear each other". We’ve also put authentic quotes from the victims of violence. The graphically created contours of the characters make the problem more universal.
Posters have been placed at bus stops in Warsaw (over 800,000 recipients) and on the Internet, raising interest in social media and the press. Posters, leaflets and campaign materials were also presented during the Warsaw Equality Parade (55 thousand people). They were also placed in LGBT clubs in Warsaw and sent to places dealing with support of families affected by violence (1.2 thousand, leaflets and 120 posters), which allowed to reach a more profiled group of people who may need support. The campaign has reached 1.6 million people (over 1 million people in Warsaw). As a result, the number of phone calls on  Lambda's telephone line increased.

Digital Group Head: Zofia Leszczyńska
Senior Creative & Copywriter: Karolina (Lotta) Skraba
Art Director: Bartosz Kwiecień
Strategy: Jacek Karolak
Project Manager: Dagmara Sobczyk
New business: Wojtek Kaszuba